10 Signs Spying on Your Computer

Chilling yourself in front of your laptop doesn’t necessarily mean you’re really alone. Hackers never rest and always look to your computer for weak places to steal your info. You could let them into your computer without even realizing it by clicking on various banners and pages. A low battery life, your computer’s slowing down, programs that don’t respond or an unexpectedly modified homepage may be some significant indicators that someone else is using it.

By explaining the signs that spying malware may be on your computer, Joblist wants to raise awareness among our readers about data theft. We have included simple tips about how to stop having suspected viruses and programs on your computer as part of the bonus.

1. Laptop discharges too fast.

If any unnecessary program runs in the background when your laptop is running, it can use the power of its central processor. Any such programs may be spyware or viruses. A short battery life may also be a sign that someone is cryptomining with your processor, or malware infected. They cause a computer to get hot, and discharge laptops way faster than usual.

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