11 Things which will make the body mature quicker

If you sit for more than eight hours a day, you may look 8 years older. Loneliness and loss of friends will also cause aging quickly and other health problems. There are some things that we can not really know of may influence our looks.

At Joblist.pk , we gathered some items that could induce early ageing so that today you can start avoiding them. You will find a bonus feature with a bit of a trick at the end of this article that will help you remain younger for longer.

You remain there for more than eight hours a day.

People who rest most of the day and do not get an workout are 8 years older than their real age biologically. Researchers who examined 1,500 people and concluded it may be linked to our DNA have proved true to this assertion. Prolonged sitting will shorten chromosome lengths.

Shortened chromosomes can contribute to other diseases, too. Regardless of this, experts suggest doing at least 30 minutes of workouts a day and taking a break after 30 minutes from sitting.

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