Doctors Share 10 Child Care Tips That Parents Are Thankful For

Science journalist Helen Pearson shared her experience of being a mother in a TED Talk and gave a good tip. She sets aside 15 minutes every night to talk to her kids about their day. Right after this, she makes them go to bed. This sounds really sweet and smart, and there are more interesting tips that experts would love to share with you. We at know how important it is to get professional advice on how to raise a child. Here you can find 10 tips that may help you be a better parent.

1. Let your baby share a bed with you until age 3.

Some researchers suggest that the safest way for a baby to sleep is to sleep with their mothers. Pediatricians noticed that it might not be safe to put them in another room. 16 infants were studied while sleeping in a crib and on their mother’s chest. Monitors showed that a baby is 3 times more stressed when they sleep alone.

It is the best, according to scientists, if a baby shares a bed with you until the age of 3. At the same time, there is a suggestion that bed-sharing before 4 months isn’t very safe. If you’re holding a newborn on your chest, try not to fall asleep.

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